Call for applications: Bakwa’s literary translation workshop (21-26 October)

Bakwa Magazine, in collaboration with the University of Bristol, is pleased to announce that applications are open for an exciting literary translation workshop aimed at building networks and sustainability for literary translators in Cameroon.

The workshop, scheduled for 21-26 October 2019, will be co-facilitated by established literary translators Ros SchwartzGeorgina Collins, and Edwige Dro. Over the course of the workshop, participants will attend a range of practical sessions introducing them to literary translation across genres and forms, as well as more theoretical issues. Participants will also work on translating a short story from the Bakwa Young Writers’ Workshop. After the workshop, they will be paired with an expert mentor who will work with them for ten weeks to complete a short story translation.

Within the framework of this workshop, the organisers asked translators to reflect on the craft of literary translation. Throughout this month, they will publish these reflections on their YouTube channel.

This literary translation project emerges partly from Dr Georgina Collins’ feasibility study, Literary Translation and Creative Writing Training in West Africa (2019), which maps existing literary translation training opportunities and networks in Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal.

Follow the links below for Dr Georgina Collins’ Feasibility Study on Literary Translation and Creative Writing in English and in French.


Image courtesy of Bakwa Magazine


To apply for the literary translation workshop, applicants should follow the instructions on the Bakwa Magazine website. 

The application deadline for the workshop is 30th August.

Note that: The application materials should be submitted by email to with “Literary Translation Workshop” as the subject line.

You can follow Bakwa Magazine on Twitter @BakwaMag and on Facebook on @BakwaMagazine

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