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AiW_thisblog_Wordle4Africa in Words is a blog that focuses on cultural production and Africa.  We cover books, art, film, history, music, theatre, ideas and people and the ways they interact, through their publication and circulation, with societies, economies and space.

Our name is intended to recognise that there are as many Africas and ways of talking about it as there are words to do it with. It reflects our shared understanding of the diverse networks across the continent that generate thought and action, that provoke people to produce, to curate, and to write, and that cross political, generic, and disciplinary limits.

Ours is a collective space made up of regular authors and guest contributors, and a collaborative editorial team, based in various and changing locations around the world, and in and beyond the academy.

If you’d like to be part of our ongoing conversation, please comment on the blog directly, or you could follow us on Twitter @africainwords, or join us on Facebook.

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AiW was set up in late October 2011 by Jenny Greenshields, Kate Haines, Katie Reid, Nara Improta and Victoria Moffatt – five PhD students working with Professor Stephanie Newell at the University of Sussex.

We began AiW to give us a space where we could share interests and encounters from our research, and also from our work and lives.  It was somewhere where, despite our sometimes disparate locations and affiliations – Kigali to Brighton, Rio to Accra, Cape Town to Austin – we could come together and find connections, and reach out to other people who might share similar preoccupations.

Invited Guest Authors widen our network and open our conversations and we have expanded beyond our institutional roots at the University of Sussex, growing into an independent voluntary organisation run by our team of Editors from across a range of universities and locations beyond the academy.