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Katie is an AiW co-founder and a freelance editor (academic, non-fiction & fiction / script & exhibition text). Global literary and creative arts, Critical Theory, and cultural studies and/as activism - with a special focus in South Africa. Also known to be partial to formula-driven ("rubbish") watching.

- Prizewinning lecturer and widening participation to HE advocate, who has taught in literary, art history and cultural studies, with an area focus in southern Africa, since 2011. Workshops critical thinking, writing, and editing skills, focusing on finding freedom in collaborative conversation with others.

- Primary interests in creative-critical work that has text/image relations at heart, architectural and city forms, and the unexpectedly multi-modal.

- PhD (2017) looked at contexts of reception of post-apartheid literature through the various modes of the work of Ivan Vladislavić, a writer, editor, and reflexive art-essayist, whose time as Social Studies and Fiction Editor for radical publisher Ravan Press in the 80s included editing the groundbreaking magazine Staffrider.