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Katie teaches Literature at the University of Portsmouth and the University of Chichester. Her DPhil research (Sussex) explores the work of Ivan Vladislavic, a South African fiction-writer and keenly sought after fiction editor, whose work as Social Studies Editor for Ravan Press included editing Staffrider magazine for some years until its close. She is also (increasingly) into pulp fiction and the weird and wonderful in literary production, like quirky, independently produced magazines and texts, that combine the visual and the textual/verbal.

Born in Lesotho, Katie spent those formative, primary school years in the newly independent Zimbabwe, and throughout her tweenies and early teens lived in Freetown, Sierra Leone. As an ex-contemporary dancer and keen sea-swimmer, she has abiding (and awkward) interests in the absurdly abstract and metaphoric as well as embodied, grounded, and material forms. This keys into other research interests that cross the visual and the textual, the material and the abstract, and geographies of text - letters and postcards and their effect on narratives of all kinds, the politics of the archive, and transnational publishing and its effects on the idiom.