Call for Work: Writing on Language, Culture and Development, Africa vs. Asia, deadline 30 April 2017


The two continents Africa and Asia contains over 77% of the world’s population, at least over 80 percent of the world’s languages and cultures, and both have lately witnessed leaps in development despite recurring political problems, and as we march in the 21 st and beyond, these two continents will decide the direction the world would take as can already be seen with the influence that Asia has on the world’s economy now and Africa on the arts. So we believe these three aspects, language, culture and development intertwines these two massive continents and thus we are looking for writing that delves or tackles these issues in any genre. Send us your best literary fictions, non-fictions, plays, poetry, mixed genres etc… in these languages: English, Indian languages (Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Malayalam etc), Kiswahili, and Chinese, plus any other languages from these two continents but these other languages entry must be accompanied with a translation into English. Send work in only one genre of your choice!

Poetry (3 poems per poet, preferably short poems but we are still open for long poems)

Prose, plays and mixed genres (I piece per writer, of not more than 5000 words)

We are going to have every entry we select translated into another language among those languages we are focusing on, i.e., English, Chinese, Kiswahili and Indian languages , but we are also open to any writing in any indigenous language from these two continents, but these as we have noted, must be accompanied with a translation into English. We will decide after selection and translations whether we will publish a single multi-languages volume or several volumes.

Work must be sent in only one attached document, also include your contact details in this document, i.e., Postal address, Tel no, Email address and a bio note of not more than 100 words.

This project will be edited and translated by

Tendai R Mwanaka

Dr Wanjohi Wa Makhoka

Upal Deb

Dr Tao Zhijian

Please sent and copy your entries to all the editors, Tendai R. Mwanaka at, Wanjohi wa Makhoka at , Upal Deb at , Tao Zhijian at

Closing date for entries is 30 April 2017.

We will not be offering contributors free copies, neither royalties but contributors will benefit immensely through promotion and translations of their work into new markets.

Please adhere to the submission guidelines, failure of which we will discard your entries without reading them.

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