Call for submissions: Prufrock magazine – short genre fiction competition + submissions for issue 3

_AiW_Prufrock logoIssue Three: A Tall Glass of Water, Summer 2013
Deadline for completed submissions: Monday, November 11th

aquotes Prufrock and Fox & Raven are joining forces to publish the best of short genre fiction in South Africa. Submit your original story of up to 6000 words – the best story will be published in Prufrock, and will win its author a R1000 cash prize generously sponsored by Fox & Raven, publishers of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and many things in between.

We want crime. We want African fantasy, gothic horror, detectives with ostrich feathers in their fedoras, aliens starting new colonies in the Drakensburg, Spaghetti Westerns in the Namib – anything you can think of. Take us someplace new. Give us twists, give us turns, and give us some plot, for goodness’s sake.

Submission details are below. The winner will be announced in early December.

_AiW_Prufrock ed1Besides this, submissions are also open for Prufrock’s third issue. This is the summer issue, for reading all over the damn place, on cool holiday. We are looking for great fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, as well as photography and illustration.

Submit! Take your friend who you know can write but is too shy and make them submit:

Non-fiction: Longer pieces up to 8000 words, and shorter pieces, from 300 words, in any genre.
Short stories: Up to 6000 words, of any style or genre.
Poetry: Please send up to three poems, we will also consider long poems. Poems may be in English, Afrikaans, or isiXhosa.
Photographs: To accompany articles or sections, as well as photo essays and series.
Illustrations: We are looking for illustrations to accompany articles, as well as to appear as works of their own, in series or as one piece.
Classifieds and Personal ads: They can be made in earnest if strange, we require that they be bizarre / literary / witty as anything.
We are interested in these works as they apply anywhere in the world, but are likely to give preference to articles focusing on African goings on, and South Africa’s in particular.

With Fox&Raven’s help, we’ve started on the path to paying you the sweet cash you deserve. We are committed to taking this further. For now, work on getting famous: write for Prufrock.
You will retain copyright for published pieces. If however you have submitted or published your piece elsewhere, please do let us know.

For an idea of what we like, read the first two issues, available at these places, as well as selected Exclusive Books nationwide:
Gauteng’s Edition, Love Books, The Street, Wolves Café, Warm&Glad, The Western Cape’s Blank Books, Book Lounge, Clarke’s, Kalk Bay Books, and Rattlesnake books. KZN’s Factory Café, and Exclusive Books at the Pavillion & Gateway.
If you’re far from these places, visit and we’ll send you one in the mail.
Getting Prufrock in the mail is like magic.

Send proposals and pieces to:
Submission guidelines for issue 3 of Prufrock.

Twitter handle: @prufrockmag
Facebook Page:

_AiW_Prufrock_AiW_Prufrock logo

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  1. How can i acess woks published by prufrock magaizine?i have been wanting to read them,but cannot see them.

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