Register for the 2014 Derby – from ‘The Restless Supermarket’ by Ivan Vladislavić

| REGISTER for the 2014 Restless Derby |
Judged by The Restless Supermarket author Ivan Vladislavić.

The winner is to be announced at a celebratory awards ceremony at the University of Sussex
on Monday 23rd June, from 3.30pm.

Vladislavić, recognised as one of the great prose stylists in the world today, will be reading from The Restless Supermarket and Double Negative (both novels recently re-released by And Other Stories), and will be in conversation about the subtleties of balancing editing and creativity, the mechanics and the artistry of making written work.

page-dividerAre you amazed or aghast at lexical play, altering language games, absurdities of error? Vexed by misplaced apostrophe’s and thwarted subject object agreement? Or are you just too scrabbulous and super-puntastic to be concerned about where text is going in a tech-driven accellerationised age; a word-y inspired by cross words and txt-spk, an annagrammatic wordsearcher, a fan of Wellington in plimsolls, a spotter of failed signs, a titterer at Bushisms.. ?

Entries for the 2014 Restless mini–Derby, lifted from Vladislavić’s The Restless Supermarket, are now still open. Register below. (Entries must be received by midnight (BST) on June 21, 2014.)

AoSRestlessWhether wryly amused by the ever encroaching tendency to generously sprinkle all manner of public text with selfies, lols, and other contractive misplacements – or finding in such grimes against crammer, spelling, & accuracy  confirmation of the worse fears about the shape of things today, the ‘Proofreader’s Derby’, a central conceit of Ivan Vladislavić’s riotously strange and wonderful novel The Restless Supermarket that makes up its entire mid-section, will challenge your eye and your preconceptions, finding you your place in the deep grammar of the hooters and howlers of a changing world.

Compiled from a lifetime’s collection of errors spotted by bad-tempered, conservative Aubrey Tearle, a retired proofreader of telephone directories, the Proofreader’s Derby is Tearle’s gauntlet thrown down at declining standards everywhere as his world rapidly recedes from grasp.

The 2014 Restless Derby
A sprint, rather than a marathon, a gallop rather than a trot, the 2014 Restless Derby will consist of a short snap of previously unseen uncorrected text from the Proofreader’s Derby of The Restless Supermarket.

To be released from the blocks at 9am (BST) on Thursday 19th June to those who have registered (see below), corrected entries should be received no later than midnight (BST) on Saturday 21st June.

A winner will be selected by Ivan Vladislavić. Accuracy, visual acuity, and time taken will be accounted for, as will, in the spirit of Tearle and of the thing itself, a certain flair. 

How to enter 
Sign up by emailing to receive your registration details.
Please include your proofreading name somewhere in the body of the email.
Please send any related queries to the same address.

The champion is to be announced at the Derby Awards Ceremony on Monday 23rd June at the University of Sussex, from 3.30pm.

There will be an opportunity to discuss the experience of doing the Derby with Vladislavić himself. He will be in conversation about The Restless Supermarket, Tearle and the making of the Derby, and his other novel re-released by And Other Stories last year, Double Negative, as well as the mechanics and the artistry involved in written work.

At the University of Sussex, Falmer. In the Social Space (Arts B building, room 274).
Maps and directions, with campus map.

Praise for The Restless Supermarket
“A classic novel about the post-apartheid era, brimming with surprising perspectives, urban satire, riotous imagery and outrageous wordplay. Vladislavić’s tour de force was awarded the South African Sunday Times Fiction Prize.”

“The first-person narrator is a retired proofreader who carries a dictionary in his pocket, and his obsessive recording of linguistic oddities that offend his sense of correctness … is both an astute way of tracking the social change that is happening around him, that he has no means of resisting, and deeply funny. He also happens to be a pompous git, and part of the pleasure of the book is how Vladislavić lures readers who love wordplay into sympathy and then brings them up short.” Charles Boyle, The Warwick Review.

See more at And Other Stories.


2014 Restless Derby – “be ever vigilant”.
Competition registration via email:
tweet @africainwords #proofreadersderby
Favourite notable corrigenda and errors harvested from anywhere welcome.




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