Exhibition: African Textiles from the Karun Thakar Collection, SOAS (Ends 14 December)

The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London is hosting an exquisite exhibition of ‘African Textiles from the Karun Thakar Collection’, arguably one of the world’s largest private collections of African textiles. Featuring high quality material, that highlights the sophistication of historical African textiles art and design, which have been little understood and appreciated, the exhibition examines the links between west and north African textile traditions through a selection of important and rare examples of textile art.

The exhibition will include a selection of over 150 exhibits and textiles from west and north Africa including Morocco, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Mali, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon.


Personal AiW photograph, textile from Burkina Faso

The exhibition will be showing at Brunei Gallery, SOAS, in London. It will be open until 14 December. Find more about the venue and opening times here.

Further information about the Karun Collection can be found on the website: http://www.karuncollection.com/
And you can also read more in this wonderful book: ‘African Textiles’ published by Prestel, 2015.

The exhibition is supported by: HALI Magazine


Follow Karun Collection on Instagram @karuncollection
Follow SOAS on Twitter @SOAS , and Brunei Gallery at SOAS @BruneiGallery


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