Open Call for Submissions: Africa in Dialogue

Africa in Dialogue publishes unsolicited individual and book interviews.  Submissions are open year-round.

The team is drawn to creative, original and unpublished interviews no longer than 5000 words. They accept interviews between African interviewers and storytellers. The given definition of an African is  an individual who is born in an African country, a citizen of an African Country, or an individual that has at least one parent who is/who was an African. An African storyteller is any creative who uses their art-form to tell stories. This includes writers, filmmakers, bloggers, journalists, songwriters, music composers, painters, visual artists, comic writers, illustrators, photographers etc. You can find more on this on the website.


Image courtesy of Africa in Dialogue

Africa in Dialogue seeks to publish interviews that are organic and fluid in nature; the kind that shifts and illuminates African realities, narratives and philosophies. The team believes that an interview is an art that requires a conscious engagement of both the interviewee and interviewer, and so the aim is also to share thoughts and reflections.

There is no specific topic for interviews, as long as they bring insights about Africa and her people. The team is looking for diversity; so, do check past interviews, books and issues to see the African storytellers that have already been interviewed.

 You can find submission guidelines here:

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