Call for Papers: MLA 2020, African Literature to 1990 (deadline Mar. 15)

The Modern Language Association Forum for African Literature to 1990 is seeking papers for the following panels proposed for MLA 2020 (9-12 January) in Seattle, Washington:

African Literature and the Cold War
How does the global Cold War transform readings of African literature? This panel examines key texts and debates to show how the Cold War (re) defines African postcolonialism. Send 250-word abstracts to Deadline for submissions: Friday, 15 March 2019, Duncan McEachern Yoon, New York U ( )
The Global Small Magazine
Focusing on Africa and its diaspora, this panel seeks 250-word abstracts on the participation of small magazines and newspapers in global literary networks pre-1990. What languages, forms, institutions, and other networks do these publications engage?
Deadline for submissions: Friday, 15 March 2019, Stephanie Bosch Santana, U of California ( )


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  1. Call for papers: African Literature to 1990 - African Politics and Policy

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