Event: ‘Her Broken Shadow’ A film by Dilman Dila (3rd May, London)

We are delighted to announce as part of the annual Asixoxe – Let’s Talk! Conference on African Philosophy there will be a screening of the Sci-fi film ‘Her Broken Shadow’ by Ugandan filmmaker Dilman Dila tomorrow at 7pm in SOAS Senate House, London.

‘Her Broken Shadow’
Two anthropophobic women are struggling to write novels. Adongo lives in East Africa in the near future while Apio lives in a space city in the distant future. They look so alike that one has to be the other’s doppelganger. Both are hermits, estranged from their respective families, and are suffering from loneliness. When the boundary between their worlds collapses, they discover that each is the protagonist in the novel the other is writing. Each believes she is real and the other a fabrication, yet their histories indicate that they might be identical twins, and that one murdered the other. As they struggle to understand the nature of their existence, they fail to tell reality from fantasy, the past from the present, and they have to solve the murder each committed in her childhood to avoid a complete descent into madness.


Her Broken Shadow (Mithila Review)

Watch the trailer here:

The film viewing is a suggested donation of £5 per ticket and £3 per student ticket. Tickets on the door. All proceeds will go to Dilman Dila’s film projects via Dilstories.

The conference itself is free entry. See here for more information about the conference: https://www.soas.ac.uk/cas/events/03may2018-asixoxe-2018—africa-in-a-polycentric-world-cosmopolitanism-and-the-local.html
For a full programme you can also contact mc105@soas.ac.uk

Venue: SOAS Senate House, Paul Webley Wing S211, London
How to get to the venue: https://www.soas.ac.uk/timetable/teaching-and-meeting-rooms/finding/

See the Facebook page to connect further: https://web.facebook.com/events/907923902720304



Dilman Dila


Dilman Dila
Dilman Dila is a writer and filmmaker from Uganda, whose work has been recognized in the BBC Radio Playwriting Competition, the Commonwealth Short Story Prize, Short Story Day Africa prize, the Million Writers Awards, and the Jalada Prize for Literature. His movie The Felistas Fable was nominated for Best First Feature at AMAA 2014, and won four major awards at the Uganda Film Festival 2014.

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