Review Caine 2021: “Repeat after me: My mother has been ushered into the spirit world” – Iryn Tushabe’s ‘A Separation’

We are absolutely delighted to announce the Shortlist for the 2021 AKO Caine Prize for African Writing! 🎉🙌🏿 Congratulations to all five of our shortlisted writers 📚@dbaing01 @remythequill @meronhadero @TroyOnyango @wordsweaver Read the stories here: — The AKO… Read More ›

Q&A: Words on the Times & theatre in the digital space – Walter Kahuma of Tebere Arts Foundation shares his thoughts on theatre and creativity in 2020

Tebere Arts Foundation is an innovative theatre and performance-arts organization that was founded in Uganda in 2018. Creating collaborative new theatre with artists and supporting artistic platforms across Eastern Africa, Tebere Arts pushes the boundaries of theatre-making by bridging the… Read More ›