Event: AWA, International conference and exhibition launch (Montpellier, France, 19th March)

We are delighted to announce this international conference (African Literature and the Press) which will inaugurate the Afrophonie week at the Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3. The conference programme can be found here: https://africanreadingcultures.blogs.ilrt.org/fr/programme

This conference is part of a larger project on ‘Popular print and reading cultures in francophone Africa’ and it will be accompanied by the European launch of an exhibition on one of the earliest francophone African women’s magazines, Awa: la revue de la femme noire (Senegal, 1964–1973)This exhibition has been running at the Musée de la Femme-Henriette Bathily in Dakar since November 2017 to mark the completion of a major digitisation project around this magazine. Awa: la revue de la femme noire can now be consulted in its entirety at: https://www.awamagazine.org/

The exhibition will be launched on the 19th March in Montpellier.


AWAA pioneering women’s magazine

For information on the reproduction of the Dakar exhibition in Montpellier (19 March – 20 April 2018), please visit the Centre Culturel Universitaire de l’Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 here: http://ccu.univ-montp3.fr/evenement/2017-2018/exposition-awa

Further information on the exhibition can be found here : https://africanreadingcultures.blogs.ilrt.org/en/events/exhibition-awa-dakar/

This conference and exhibition are supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) and the RIRRA21 research centre at the Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 (France). The exhibition was produced in partnership with the Musée de la Femme-Henriette Bathily, the Archives nationales du Sénégal and the Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noire-Cheikh Anta Diop.



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