Event: Babishai Poetry on the Mountain, 10-13 June 2016

Don’t you want to write a poem that doesn’t end? To climb a mountain that will climb along with you?

pic mtBabishai Niwe Poetry Foundation, together with Uganda Travel Bureau, wants to take you on a poetry journey that will never end. Poetry On The Foothills of The Mountains of The Moon. From June 10th to 13th in 2016, we will leave Kampala and start our trek from Kilembe to the Rwenzori ranges.  It’s about poetry and you, poetry and nature, poetry on the mountain. Let your inner poet have an adventure.


10th June 2016-Day 1

hotel margerita 1On 10th June 2016, we will depart from Kampala to Hotel Margherita in Kasese. Hotel Margherita, very highly recommended, is a poem itself, with views of the various Rwenzori ranges, sounds of  birds chirping poetry in the mornings and very well trained and warm staff.



11th June 2016-Day 2

At 7:00am on 11th June 2016, we will depart from Rwenzori Trekkers to begin our extraordinary voyage. Using the Kilembe entrance point, we will set off from the Rwenzori Trekkers Hostel and walk for a distance of 2.2km (about 45 min) to the park gate at the UWA post. This will be at a height of 1,725m on the incredible Mountains of The Moon.


The Poetry-where nature will turn its focus on us as we read our poetry

We’ll continue the walk for two and a half hours, up the trail up to the Lunch stop at a height of 2,570m. At this height, nature will turn its focus on us as we take in the breathtaking view. This is the point where we will break for lunch and then hold our poetry session.

breathtaking viewDuring lunch, our moderator from the Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation, will moderate the poetry session while overlooking one of the most scenic environments in Uganda, the Rwenzori ranges. Poems and spoken word pieces will come from every point of inspiration, some spontaneous. With the backdrop of the Rwenzori ranges, the sounds of birds, the sky within our grasp and the future in our hands, Poetry On The Mountain will be an experience like never before.


Our Guide-Deo Lubega, Patron of  The Mountain Club of Uganda

We will be guided by capable and experienced Deo Lubega, Patron of the Mountain Club of Uganda, who has climbed Mt. Rwenzori 6 times and Mt. Muhavura 4 times. His experience and stories will not only make it worthwhile but lead you to reach for something higher within yourself.


The Fee:

Each individual will pay 355 USD which will include the following:-

We shall package the fee to include:- Registration, Park fees, Transport, Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Service provider charges (porters and guides)

Those who pay before April 12th 2016 will receive a gift hamper from Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation and Uganda Travel Bureau. More details here: http://bnpoetryaward.blogspot.ug/2015/10/babishai-poetry-on-mountain-10-to-13.html


Payment details and Inquiries:
UGANDA TRAVEL BUREAU 2004 LTD. Pan Africa House, Plot no.3 Kimathi Avenue

PO Box 5619, Kampala, Uganda

Tel:     +256 312 232 555 / 414 335 335

Fax:    +256 414 236 998

Cell:    +256 712 890 369

24-hour Emergency no. +256 772 232 555




Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation

Director Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva

Tel: +256 751 703226

Email: bnpoetryaward@bnpoetryaward.co.ug/   Nambozo@gmail.com

Twitter: @BNPoetryAward

Website: http://www.bnpoetryaward.co.ug


Do not hesitate to contact any of the above for account details.

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