Africa and Eastern/Central Europe Series

In Black and White… Reflections from studies about Black people in everyday Polish language and in media discourse in Poland  

AiW Guest: Margaret Amaka Ohia AiW Guest Katarzyna Kubin continues her series examining the relationship between Africa and Eastern/Central Europe, with this guest piece by Margaret Amaka Ohia.  My studies of discursive representations of Black people in the Polish language employ a critical, applied research… Read More ›

“In from the Cold War”: a colloquium on Eastern Europe, Africa and cultural diplomacy during the cold war

AiW Guest: Iolanda Vasile This week, AiW Guest Katarzyna Kubin continues her series examining the relationship between Africa and Eastern/Central Europe with this guest piece by Iolanda Vasile about the colloquium “In from the Cold War: Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and Cultural Diplomacy during the Cold War”, organized… Read More ›