Africa in Words welcomes submissions for blog posts from new authors who would like to join in our conversations. We welcome submissions from authors based anywhere in the world, especially from the African continent and its diaspora. Authors do not need to be affiliated with an academic institution. We are an informal and friendly editorial team made up entirely of volunteers. We are happy to discuss ideas for posts with you. 

We are interested in posts that discuss any aspect of African cultural production, especially literature, popular culture, music, visual arts, theatre, and cinema. Our definition of ‘Africa’ is inclusive, and includes the African diaspora. Please read through posts on our site and check our About page so that you are familiar with our tone and content before submitting to us. 

Posts may discuss academic research, but we also welcome non-academic posts. Posts should be written and researched to a high standard, but suitable for a general reader.

You are welcome to email us with either an idea for a post or a post that is already written.

Blog posts usually fall into the following three categories:

  • General posts: opinion pieces and reflections on contemporary issues or research in African cultural production. 500-1000 words. Email and include the words ‘Blog post submission’ in the subject header.
  • Reviews: 500-1000 words. Email and include the words ‘Reviews submission’ in the subject header.
  • Interviews: up to 2000 words, more under exceptional circumstances. Email and include the words ‘Interview submission’ in the subject header.

We reserve the right to edit and/or reject any submission.

Africa in Words is run entirely by volunteers without any funding, and as such we are currently unable to pay for posts.

We aim to acknowledge your submission within two weeks and to get back to you with a decision as soon as possible; in very busy periods, this may take up to three months.

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