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Marli Roode, ‘Call it Dog’ and Achmat Dangor’s ‘Strange Pilgrimages’ – after Edinburgh Book Festival, 2013

This post draws together reflections on two sessions from the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2013, featuring books from or about South Africa – one called Getting Over Apartheid with award-winning South African author Achmat Dangor (unfortunately, Sindiwe Magona had to cancel, so Dangor appeared alone), and another… Read More ›

Spotlight on…Akinwumi Isola

This post is the first in an occasional series of writer profiles, looking especially at those working in African languages.   For readers and speakers of Yoruba, Akínwùmí Ìsòlá [pronounced Ishola] needs little introduction. A charismatic and stern-looking figure affectionately nicknamed… Read More ›