Back to Africa Writes – AiW’s #PastAndPresent – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July, 2020.

In the run-up to the digital conversations of a remote Africa Writes, the Royal Africa Society’s annual literature festival, 2020, we are running a selection of #PastAndPresent posts from our archive of coverage of the Festival over the years.

We’ve curated these posts together to publish over the first weekend in July – when the in-person festival is held each year – with the hopes of offering the flavour, at least, of walking and going between a series of panels and talks that might span the days of the Festival. 

Enjoy a fun-filled programme of past events varying from headliners, panel discussions, book launches, and Q&As with Africa Writes guests. Read on for this weekend’s timetable and to come back to as our 2020 #P&P Africa Writes weekend unfolds to re-run any events you wouldn’t want to have missed (or miss again!):

We begin tomorrow, bright and early(ish) on the blog, at 10am BST/ 11am CAT, by casting back to the 2013 edition of Africa Writes with Kate Wallis’ Q&A with scholar and writer Mukoma Wa Ngugi. Watch this space!

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