Call for Submissions: Geko Mofolo Prize (Deadline: 31 July)

We are delighted to share the news that submissions have opened for the Geko Mofolo Prize for Outstanding Fiction in Sesotho.

The Prize is awarded in July in South Africa and its submissions are open to all Basotho in the continent and in the diaspora. Manuscripts are accepted from all over the world – for fiction written in all Sesotho dialects and orthographies.

The prize is intended to re-ignite interest and efforts in the reading and writing of new, imaginative, outstanding and original fiction in Sesotho in the new and modern age. The work can be about any subject, theme or story.

The Prize – named after the foremost pioneer and author of Sesotho, Thomas Mokopu Mofolo – opens at the end of March and closes in July of every year. The winner is announced on 8 September every year. Thomas Mofolo passed away on September 8, 1948. He was born on 22 December 1876, in Khojane, Leribe, Lesotho.


Thomas Mofolo, Image courtesy of Geko

The deadline is 31 July. You will find everything you need to submit your manuscripts here.

Visit the Geko Mofolo Prize website for more details.


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  1. i have just noticed that Geko Mofolo Home page in no longer available and my question is, is the prize still on?

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