Event: Zeitz MOCCA Afro-futures exhibition #2 (Opens 5 April, Cape Town)

Chapter Two of the Afro-futures exhibition, Still here tomorrow to high five you yesterday… opens with the launch of Dubship I – Black Starliner by artist, Ralph Borland.

Join the launch on 5 April 2019 for music, talks and refreshments, in the BMW Atrium, V&A Waterfront in Cape TownDubship I – Black Starliner forms part of the exhibition’s ongoing exploration of the phenomenon of travel and migration through imagination. Alternative realities leads to an exploration of the intersection between history, fiction and sound.

An African Robots vs SPACECRAFT project, Dubship I – Black Starliner takes its name from the Black Star Line shipping company established by Jamaican political activist Marcus Garvey in 1919. Founded as a wholly black-owned and staffed shipping line, the eventual aim of the shipping company was about repatriating the descendants of African slaves from the Americas and the Caribbean back to Africa.

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Zeitz MOCAA , El Anatsui.jpg

Image courtesy of Zeitz MOCCA Facebook page, El Anutsui artwork

Still Here Tomorrow to High Five You Yesterday…, an exhibition at Zeitz MOCAA, explores the different ways in which artists, performers, writers and architects tackle the complexities inherent within the dual concepts of Utopia and progress. Exploring emergent spaces that exist both in the realm of the mind and in the physical unknown, the exhibition points critically to the mirages, metaphors, stereotypes and matrixes of progress.

Through the works of contemporary artists from Africa and its diaspora, the exhibition engages with the phenomenon of travel and migration through imagined, alternative realities that reference both fixed and immaterial locations.

Zeitz MOCAA,
V&A Waterfront,
Cape Town

The exhibition opens 5 April at 5.30PM
On view until June 2019

Contact: https://zeitzmocaa.museum/contact-us/

Follow Zeitz MOCAA on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZeitzMOCAA/


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