Event: ‘The Intellectual legacy of Professor Ali Mazrui’, IUA International Conference (Khartoum, 26-27 December)

International University of Africa (IUA)

Center for Research and African Studies International Conference

The Intellectual legacy of Prof. Ali Mazrui and the Future of Reform and Renovation in Africa and Muslim World’

December 26-27, 2018

 International University of Africa-Khartoum

Throughout history, many thinkers came to influence intellectual life and Islamic culture in Africa. These scholars were often revered and effected future scholarship and community practices. Among these names was Professor Ali Mazrui. His intellectual work appeared after the development of pan- Africanism. He was acquainted with the illustrations of Adord Blaiden, Badomu, and all the advocates of African unity. He witnessed the emergence of independent nations in the Islamic and African world. He viewed and emphasized the connections between Africanism and Arabism and Islam. Living in the West, Mazrui produced a hybrid-thought characterized by mediocrity and moderation.

He used the mechanisms of globalization and postmodernism in the development of his theory, and these global conditions are certainly important to account for in modern scholarship. It is hoped that in the future, cooperation will replace confrontation, requiring greater consensus and acceptance to revive the spirit of intellectual production and to uphold the values of tolerance, solidarity and harmony. The Center for Research and African Studies at the International University of Africa is organizing a global conference to consider the intellectual heritage of Mazrui and the future of reform and renewal in Africa and the Islamic world. It will host this conference and invite thinkers from all over the world to discuss the aforementioned matters.

The aims of the conference are to:

  • Mark the year of celebration of African scientist.
  • Re- read Ali Mazroui’s legacy in light of modern global changes
  • Assess the biological approach of Ali Mazrui
  • Consider the possibility of harmonious relations between Islam and Western civilization
  • Discuss the agricultural vision of African university graduates
  • Project Africa’s future assuming Mazrui’s perspective
  • Conference will address certain themes including the environment Mazrui grew up in, Mazrui’s family, academic career, and his promotion of Africa’s triple heritage. Further, the conference will focus on Islam and Islamic societies in East Africa, traditional African cultures, Christianity and African societies, and Colonialism and Liberal Movements in Mazrui’s thought.
  • Problems of social and political development in Africa, the dynamic between globalization and new colonialism, and the issues and challenges facing the African continent will be discussed in light of Mazrui’s thought.
  • The conference aims also to address the future of African and Asian societies, addressing issues of education, language and technology. Dialogue between civilizations and the role of Islam in the future of humanity are topics to be explored.
  • The conference will highlight the proposal formulated by Mazrui himself regarding the care and development of his thought (full text in English – attached to this note)

Conference date: December 26-27th, 2018.


IUA Logo, courtesy of IUA web

Scientific Committee Members:

  1. Hassan Makki Mohamed Ahmed- International University of Africa.
  2. Abdulrahman Ahmed Othman
  3. Abdul Rahim Ali Mohammed
  4. Professor Khider Haroun
  5. Abdul Latif Saeed
  6. Abdullah Ali Ibrahim
  7. Hassan Ahmed Ibrahim
  8. Ahmed Abdal-rahim
  9. Elnazeer Mohamed
  10. Ahmed Ali Salem
  11. Tareq Ahmed Osman

Conference organizers: Centre for Research and African studies, International University of Africa IUA.

For more information follow the link to IUA.

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