Event: 4th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference (13 October, IAS, Carleton University)

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4th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference
Carleton University

Saturday October 13, 2018
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m

The Institute of African Studies (IAS) at Carleton University is hosting its 4th Annual IAS Undergraduate Research Conference, organized by the Institute of African Studies Students Association (IASSA).

The goal of this one-day interdisciplinary conference is to provide a platform for emerging researchers in the field of African Studies.

This year’s theme is: Africa: Climate Change, the Environment and Afrofuturism


Image courtesy of IAS

The conference seeks to encourage interdisciplinary discourse among a new generation of continental and diasporic Africans on the topical global and continental agendas of climate change, environmental sustainability, and Afrofuturism. The conference is intended to offer a space for discussions concerning the ever-changing relationship between Africans and their environment. The goal is to conceptualize environment and climate change in terms of how they challenge us to imagine alternative futures for the African continent in geographic, political, economic, techno-cultural, and epistemological terms. It is about discovering ways in which, among others, climate change affects themes such as Health care, Resource Management, Infrastructural development, Economic advancement, Food Security, Human Rights, Migration and Refugees, Community Development, Social Cohesion, Gender Politics, and Innovation. There is also interest in exploring social policy implementation, technological advancements, and communal efforts as they relate to everyday continental African and/or Afro-diasporic experiences.


Panels will address the following in-exhaustive subtopics:

  • -Digitalization of Africa: Globalization and popular culture
  • -African cities of the future
  • -Youth and the environment
  • -Food security
  • -Technology and cultural aesthetics
  • -Gender and reproductive rights for Sustainable Development in sub-Saharan Africa
  • -Conservation of Energy and Waste Management
  • -Ecotourism in Africa
  • -Fantasy, eco-literature, and ecocriticism
  • -Environmental degradation and its impact on migration
  • -Climatic change as a disruptive effect of social cohesion

For more information, please email the organizing committee at communications.iasconference@gmail.com and follow the Institute of African Studies (IAS) on Twitter

Up to date information is also available on the Facebook page

Short URL: https://carleton.ca/africanstudies/?p=11744

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