Working Group Call-out: Afrikult (Application Deadline: 30th April)

The team at Afrikult are looking for educators, activists, academics, artists and writers to join us for a trial working group session that will discuss the uniformity of the current English literature curriculum at secondary school level in England, with a particular focus on the lack of African literature. The session will discuss the consequent issues resulting from the lack of literary diversity, considering what the impact is on learners; this session is part of Afrikult’s Research and Development workshop programme that will take place in Norwich and London this summer term.




The team will be drawing on practical examples to highlight the positive outcomes of African literature being taught within secondary level education.

The two hour working group session will be held in Norwich in late May and in London in mid-July. Details of speakers and venue will be confirmed and sent to invited participants ahead of the event.


The African ChildMemories of a West African Childhood by Camara Laye (Pinterest)

As there are very limited spaces available if you would like to participate in this session, please tell us in 250 words about your experience in this area and what you would be able to contribute to the discussion.

Please send your 250 words to and indicate which working group you would like to attend, Norwich or London by 30 April 2018.

Afrikult is a forum for people to connect, explore and expand knowledge on African literature and culture combined. For more information about Afrikult, visit:







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