Event: From Africa to Future Study Day, The Showroom London, 14 November 2016

Saturday 14th November, 12-8pm

The Showroom 

63 Penfold Street, NW8 8PQ London, United Kingdom

aquotesThis event is a part of From Africa to Future: SYFU residency in The Chimurenga Library @ The Showroom

Join sorryyoufeeluncomfortable for a Study Day to develop their research in the Chimurenga Library. Through workshops, film screenings, music, readings and conversations the collective will develop a number of prints based on themes explored during their PASS radio broadcasts. The broadcasts covered subjects such as cultural creolisation, women’s contributions to Pan-Africanism, storytelling, music and the politics of urban diasporas. On this study day we will explore and rethink the rules of sound, map psycho-geographical contours of Blackness and consider what an Afro-future might be.

sorryyoufeeluncomfortable have invited Chimurenga’s Ben Verghese, writer and musician Leeto Thale, artist Phoebe Boswell, architect Gian Giovanni, academic Henriette Gunkel, musician Cooly G, designer/venture futurist Thandi Loewenson, sound artists Ain Bailey and Paloma Pyip.
sorryyoufeeluncomfortable welcome everyone to take part in this active day of research, knowledge sharing and making.
No booking necessary; arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Location: The Showroom, 63 Penfold Street London NW8 8QP
The Chimurenga Library project is co-curated by Chimurenga, The Otolith Collective and The Showroom. abquotes

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