Modjaji’s 8th Birthday Party

poetry-fund-banner-300x155aquotesOn March 29th, Modjaji Books are having a party to celebrate being 8 years old this year. We are also setting up a Poetry Fund so that Modjaji Books can sustain our existing poetry publishing endeavours as well as create new and exciting projects. If you are in Cape Town, we urge you buy a ticket and join us.

Where: Cape Town
When: Sunday 29th March, 2015
Time: 4.00 pm When you book we will let you know the venue
How much: R100 which will go towards setting up the Poetry Fund. Donations welcome too!

We are planning to host future events, such as salons and readings to raise funds for the Modjaji Poetry Fund. We are also considering new poetry projects if the Fund is successful in raising money. We are thinking of a new Poetry Prize or Prizes, mentoring and workshops, as well as Editorial Grants and honoraria for poets – these are the dreams.

In the meantime – we are going to be celebrating in style, with a reading from the following Cape Town based poets, all of whom we have published. Malika Ndlovu will read and EmCee the event. Megan Hall, Karin Schimke, Beverly Rycroft, Margaret Clough, Khadija Heeger, Christine Coates, Dawn Garisch, Colleen Higgs, Jenna Mervis and Kerry Hammerton will all be reading.

All money raised from tickets goes toward the Fund and you will be met with a glass of champagne, some delicious snacks and a general vibe of conviviality and celebration. If you can’t make it, but support the idea of the fund, you can still buy a ticket or make a donation.

So far we have had donations to the poetry fund from Robert Berold, William Kentridge, Joan Metelerkamp, Colleen Crawford Cousins, Jenna Mervis, Rachel Zadok, Kerry Hammerton, Dawn Garisch, Helen Moffett, Christine Coates, Margaret Clough, and Beverly Rycroft. Thank you to those who generously contribute time and effort to enable us to continue publishing poetry and other beautiful books.

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