Sharing the Black Atlantic: Afromodern@Tate and beyond

Afro_Modern_logo450The Afromodern exhibit at Tate Liverpool was innovative, brought together work from collections and collectors around the world, and closed several years ago. I remember particularly clearly the impact of the striking work of Kara Walker.

However, unlike other exhibitions, the exhibit’s goals live on at the Black Atlantic website

rather than just in a glossy expensive book.


(Although can I say it’s rather nice and available here)

A project run in collaboration with Liverpool University, the website works:

to create a space which enables the scholarly exchange of ideas, provides a starting point for further study, and offers access to in-depth information, recent research and upcoming events related to the study of the Black Atlantic.

The linked blog continues to update readers on related content and events.  If working on Gilroy you might want to consider the reviews available.

One of the most useful tools from the book which is also available on the website is this chronology, bringing together movements in art and politics across the Black Atlantic.


For more info:

Black Atlantic bibliography

More info on Kara Walker (retrospective)

Guardian Review of the show.

Sam Thorne on the show in Frieze Magazine.

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  1. Thanks Charlotte!

    By the way all of the articles which appeared in the Afro Modern catalogue are also freely available through the Black Atlantic Resource here: alongside additional related research.

    Some images of artworks that appeared in the show are viewable here:

    These are just two of a multitude of other related resources available on the site – and you can link to our twitter feed @blackatlantic1 to keep updated with interesting research, events and debates in the field.

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