Queer Fiction from Africa collected in new magazine Q-zine


A new fiction collection from the Burkina Faso–based Q-zine aims to “decolonize the mind” by capturing the experiences of LGBTI Africans.

The collection was published in February as an edition of Q-zine, a quarterly magazine by the Burkina Faso–based Queer African Youth Networking Center. At a time when politicians in several African countries use homosexuality as an explosive wedge issue — often with the active help of the media — the magazine took on a big task when it launched in 2011: to push back on media portrayals of gays, lesbians, and trans Africans as well as to take on the cultural baggage that political organizations can’t.

See J. Lester Feder‘s buzzfeed article: http://www.buzzfeed.com/lesterfeder/queer-fiction-from-africa-collected-in-new-magazin-9a7s

Thanks to Steph Newell for article and links.

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