African Communication Research: The Image of Women in African Media.

This really interesting journal hit one of my favourites topics regarding gender issues: the image of women in the media.
Here it goes the table of contents for those who share similar preferences 😉

African Communication Research 4(3):

The Image of Women in African Media. 
Volume 4, Number 3, December 2011.

Below is the Table of Contents of the latest version of the ACR journal:

Review Article:
Battling old ghosts in gender and African media research
Audrey Gadzekpo

The Wanjiku metonymy: Challenging gender stereotypes in Kenya’s editorial cartoons
Duncan Omanga

Beyond unequal visibilities: Are women treated differently from men in the news?
Rosemary Kimani

Gendered narratives and identities of nationhood in documentaries on Zimbabwe television (ZTV) between 2000 and 2009.
Ngonidzashe Muwonwa

Reporting women: Do female journalists have a gender agenda?
Abena Aniwaa Yeboah

Sexual harrasment content of Nollywood films: Counsciousness and Reactions by female audiences in Nigeria
Jude Terna Kur

How successful are media women’s associations in Africa? A case study of
the Tanzanian Association of Media women (TAMWA) .
Imane Duwe

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  1. Hi Nara,

    I know it’s been a while since you posted this, but do you know how I might be able to acquire a copy of the journal?


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