CFP: Africans in the Americas and African Americans in Africa: the Shifting Boundaries of Citizenship in the 21st Century

NYSAS 2012 Conference:

Department of African American Studies, the Africana Research Center, the
Smeal College of Business, and the Paul Robeson Cultural Center will be
hosting the 37th annual conference of the New York African Studies
Association (NYASA).

Abstracts are due January 15, 2012.

The conference will be held February 24-25, 2012, and will focus on
“Africans in the Americas and African Americans in Africa: the Shifting
Boundaries of Citizenship in the 21st Century.”  Paper, presentations, and
panels are invited in the following areas:

.        The Making of the Black Atlantic World

.        Slavery and Freedom in the Americas

.        Ethiopianism and Rasta Movements in the Americas

.        Africana Religious Traditions in the Americas

.        Abolition Movements, Slave Revolts, Underground Railroad/Maroon
Communities in the Americas

.        The Atlantic Slave Trade and the Modernity Project

.        Harlem Renaissance, Black Arts Movement and Hip Hop Culture

.        The Black Diaspora in Comparative Perspective

.        The Civil Rights/Black Power Movements
.        Malcolm X/Martin L. King and Black Internationalism

.        African Americans and the Internal Colonial Model/Comparative
Coloniality and Decolonization

.        Pan-Africanism/Black Internationalism

.        Africana Feminism/Black Internationalism

.        African American Citizenship in the Jim Crow Nation

.        Africana Feminism, Race, Gender, Class & the Quest for Universal

.        US Post-Industrial Urban Crisis, Inequality & massive

.        The Black Radical Tradition in the Americas

.        Shifting Boundaries of Citizenship for Blacks in the Americas

.        President Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy toward Africa

.        President Barack Obama’s Feed the Future Program/Food Security in

.        African American Expatriates in Africa

.        African Americans, AFRICOM and Human Security

.        African Americans and US foreign policy toward Haiti

.        The New African Minority in the USA and the Americas

.        Southern Sudan Africa’s newest state

.        The New Petro/Oil States in Africa

.        The Arab Awakening in Tunisia

.        The Arab Awakening in Egypt

.        The Arab Awakening in Libya

.        China, India, Brazil and Africa

There will be a special panel organized on: “The African Meaning of the Arab

Other topics for papers will be considered, as will proposals to organize
panels and to promote student participation.  Please send abstracts of not
more than 150 words to the Local Organizing Committee at
< by January 15, 2012.  You will be
contacted by the Program Committee on January 30, 2012 on the status of your

Contact Information:

NYASA 2012 Local Organizing Committee

Department of African American Studies

133 Willard Building

Penn State University

University Park, PA 16802

Tel: 814) 863-4243


There is still time


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