Call for Papers: Special Issue: Transition Magazine, ‘Black Women/Superheroes’ (Deadline: 30 November)

‘Black Women/Superheroes’ Special Issue: Transition Magazine According to Kimberlé Crenshaw intersectionality theory draws attention to Black women’s experiences of intertwined structures of power and oppression, including racism, misogyny, classism, heterosexism, discrimination based on immigration status, ableism, transmisogyny.  That said, Black… Read More ›

In Black and White… Reflections from studies about Black people in everyday Polish language and in media discourse in Poland  

AiW Guest: Margaret Amaka Ohia AiW Guest Katarzyna Kubin continues her series examining the relationship between Africa and Eastern/Central Europe, with this guest piece by Margaret Amaka Ohia.  My studies of discursive representations of Black people in the Polish language employ a critical, applied research… Read More ›