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‘Campus Gangsterism’ – A review of Femi Kayode’s “Lightseekers”

AiW Guest Tọ́pẹ́-ẸniỌbańkẹ́ Adégòkè AiW note: Our Guest Reviewer,Tọ́pẹ́-ẸniỌbańkẹ́ Adégòkè, reviews award-winning writer Femi Kayode’s debut novel Lightseekers, which was published by Raven Books and released in February 2021. You can find Adégòkè’s recent Q&A with Kayode here. When four Nigerian students accused of… Read More ›

Call for Papers: ‘Boredom’, at the African Literature Association Conference, April 2016

From the Journal of African Cultural Studies African Literature Association Conference Atlanta, USA April 6-9, 2016 “Boredom” Panel organizers: Carli Coetzee and Ato Quayson In a public lecture titled “Being African in the World” delivered in Johannesburg, South Africa,… Read More ›